Twas the Night Before...

Hey there, 


Welcome to Essentially Yours blog and online store. 


I would like to take a brief moment to introduce the faces behind Essentially Yours.

My name is Ashleigh and my business partner is Nancy. We are the creators of Brantford's largest Artisan Community. Essentially Yours is home to over 40 local artisans whose dedication lies in the art of making unique pieces that are both functional and beautiful. 

Nancy and I met through Young Living Essential Oils and formed the most unexpected friendship. Our vision of Essentially Yours began because of our frustration with having no where in town to host our workshops. We knew we wanted space but was unsure of how to fund it and keep it profitable. This is where our amazing Artisans came in. 

These people are not only extremely talented but they are truly the best people to surround ourselves with. Their visions, their passions and their excitement for life is so contagious and is just what we needed to create this successful business. Without our Artisans, we would not be where we are at this very moment. 

Essentially Yours opened it's doors on August 1, 2019 and has completely surpassed our expectations of success. We are sitting here right now, the night before our Grand Opening, in complete awe of everything that has happened in the last 5 weeks. 

Tonight I am honored to be preparing this online store to launch tomorrow morning and I am so excited to not only share these incredible talents with Brantford but with Canada. 

Nancy and I have made it our mission to provide success for our Artisans and we knew we needed to do something different. This is where Essentially Yours online came in. We want nothing more than to see them succeed through the magic they create and love.  Our goal is to spread the magic all over Canada and eventually the world. 

We welcome you to join us in store and online. We encourage everyone to shop local and support local talent. Supporting small businesses help support families and we are honored to be an outlet to do just that. 


Thanks for stopping by. Keep watching for more magic. 


Essentially Yours, 


Ashleigh and Nancy