Essentially Yours offers the creativity of over 40 local Artisans whose dedication lies in the art of making unique pieces that are both functional and beautiful.


Hello, our names are Ashleigh and Nancy and we are the creators of Essentially Yours Brantford. Nancy and I met through Young Living- Essential Oils and from there our business relationship quickly turned into an incredible friendship. 


Our story began when we found ourselves constantly searching for space to host classes to educate our community about the benefits of essential oils. Affordable spaces were far and few between and it was frustrating to build a business when we didn't have the appropriate space to do so. 


Nancy and I have always encouraged our friends and families to pursue their passions and follow their dreams. We have always made a conscious effort to support small businesses within our community and one day decided that not only would we create our own classroom space but we would create space for entrepreneurs to display their talents. This quickly became a passion and as of August 1, 2019, became a reality.


We believe that Essentially Yours hosts the most amazing and talented Artisans that Brantford Ontario and surrounding area has to offer. These men and women are absolutely incredible at their craft and deserve the recognition we hope to provide through our store front as well as online. 


Our vision has quickly grown from success for our essential oil business to creating success for our Artisans. We have heard their stories, witnessed their passion and have had the opportunity to learn about their hopes and dreams. We are committed to the success of our Artisans and are dedicated to putting our heart and soul into this community to truly focus on making their dreams a reality.


We appreciate you visiting Essentially Yours Online. We thank you for your business and for supporting our local Artisans small businesses.


Essentially Yours, 


Ashleigh and Nancy